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GT Map with Heart

If you are a woman looking for love, and you don’t yet have all the courage or means to do an entire Eat, Pray, Love – then I highly recommend you go on a cross-country trip – as a start 😉

How do I know it works? Simple. I went on a cross-country trip and I DID find love.

How did this happen? How do you know this will happen for you?

IMG_40381. You challenge your own limits and limits others impose on you. EVERY DAY. After getting lost on a 6 mile hike that turned into 10+ with our whole group of 29 people in the Badlands, catching sunrise on top of the Arches, and claiming victory on the highest rock on Angel’s Landing, I secretly chuckle at one of my ex-boyfriends’ excuse to not bring me on a hiking trip: “You know what…it’s gonna be 3-4 miles with rocks and steps and stuff, it’s really not for beginners…” You know what – don’t even bother. Only when you have gotten a taste of what you are truly capable of, will you finally realize that people who limit your imaginations of life really have no place in your life; moreover, unleashing the imaginations in you will only call in the kind of love that inspires even more greatness.

2. You grow younger with the amazing people you meet. Trust me, there’s nothing like being called a “smart GIRL” by Jannik-the-Winking-Prince, who never fails to promptly bring a blush to the face of this woman long granted the “Leftover” tierra based on her age and marital status if she were living in China right now. Or have your hands held by Will-the-Funny-Bunny: “Let’s go see the fountains at the Bellagio!” and feel suddently all the way back to high school again 😉

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3. You learn about yourself and find your balance: trust me, however much of a control-freak you are, you will see magic happen when you just slightly let it go and just go with the flow of wherever the group of new found friends take you – and surprise you. And don’t worry, somehow, your tenured goal oriented alter ego will eventually reclaim control to make sure whatever you want to do gets done, wherever you want to go gets visited, and whoever you want to see gets met. Remember the Indonesian doctor who told Julia Roberts how to balance between “Long time no sex”…then “Too much sex”? Trust others, trust yourself, trust the path – and you’ll find your guidance, and balance.


4. You get inspired by love from around the world and you can’t help but aspire a bigger life and deeper love. There’s Charlotte and Leighton from New Zealand who exemplify the amazing combination of two strong independent persons forming a partnership of love and freedom. There’s Isi and Jan from Germany who express their love thru arts, and there’s Sheryl and James from San Diego who express their love thru every little precious details every day. You realize that the beauty of love is – you make it whatever YOU want. It is make-believe. So believe – and make it so!

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5. Most importantly, after a month of pure survival, you will learn to love yourself dearly – this way, you’ll be blessed if you find another, you’ll still be loved if you don’t. Most likely, you’ll have a better chance to find another – because a soul that’s full of love gives, and a soul that gives love, receives.


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