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My son is my best friend. I go to the movies with him, I go shopping with him, I go out to eat with him, I do everything with my son. Even though I have an amazing time with him everywhere we go, I feel lonely when I see happy couples or families enjoying time together in public. The feeling of guilt weighs down on me very often because my son doesn’t have a father to look up to. As most single moms I have to work a lot in order to keep a roof over my sons head, feed him, buy him clothing and other necessities. This causes me a lot of stress even though I love my son very much.

It also can make dating very difficult because I have much more important priorities to worry about. Also my body isn’t what it used to be since giving birth. I feel like I have self esteem issues since having a child. Even though I work super hard at the gym, I feel like guys are constantly judging me. I’d like to see them have a baby and see what their bodies look like after!

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