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1. Be the real you: There isn’t anything more unattractive than acting as someone else to lure in your desired crush. If you wish to find someone who is genuine and appealing to you, then being truthful about yourself and to others is vital. This includes shying away from making yourself look better in pictures, as well as impersonating a college student when you graduated a few years ago. Be yourself and attract someone who is attracted to the real you, not your alter ego.
2. Show your personality: It’s difficult to show your personality with a profile photo and your biography, but do your best to do just that. Don’t write the same generic things everyone else writes. If you say you like movies or music, talk about which genres you like the most. If you love food or cooking, talk about why and what styles you like the most. Show how much fun you are (or boring), so that the person you are trying to meet will be able to decide if they want to meet you.
3. Keep your personal information private: Time and time again people give out their personal information too quickly only to find out that the person they gave their information to wasn’t the best person to give it to. When things go wrong, who are we to blame if the person that we are no longer attracted to continues to contact us – ourselves. The best solution is to meet in person before giving out your phone number. Or you can always make a free Google Voice number that you can always delete later. Yes it’s a pain, but it’s better than the alternative…a stalker.
4. Limit texting before a first date: Let’s face it, we have become lazy because of technology. How often do you call someone to talk on the phone? Texting has become as ubiquitous to communication as Wikipedia has become to getting answers. The problem is, texting a lot to get to know someone can backfire. You can’t get someone’s personality or sense of humor through texts. What’s worse, a lot of people decide that “sexting” is okay to do. There is no sure fire way to turn someone off faster than to send them a picture of your naked body before meeting in person. Try talking on the phone or better yet, just deciding to meet in person sooner rather than later.
5. Stay positive: A lot of times on a date people will complain about their job, their ex, or they are just plain depressed. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to go on a second date with Debbie Downer. Try to stay positive, smile, make the person laugh, and for the love of Pete – don’t complain!
6. Don’t seem too clingy: Don’t act as if this person is “the one” on the first date, or the next couple of dates (if it gets that far). Most people don’t like the smell of desperation, or the fact that your new fling has no life of their own. Keep it cool, and let things happen naturally. No one likes a Stage Five Clinger!
7. Try different sites: There are tons of dating sites out there, and some work better than others. If you are serious about finding someone, and meeting people at the bar isn’t your thing, then try what’s out there to see what works for you. Yes it’s repetitive and time consuming, but what in life isn’t? Some sites are free, and some aren’t. Some are easy to get started, and others are cluttered or full of ads. The up side is that the more sites you use, the more people you will be able to potentially meet.
8. Go to Meetups: There are a lot of singles events in your city that you can check out. Meetup.com has plenty of great events that you can try out to meet your match. Worst case scenario, you will get out of the house, have a few drinks, and carry out a few conversations with new people. Who knows, you may even find a new friend to do things with, or even meet your future companion. The point is, don’t leave any stones unturned.
9. Plan a fun date: Don’t offer to go to the movies for the first date. Look for a fun show, either theater or musical to go to. Don’t sit down for dinner, that’s boring. Instead look for a place that serves margaritas and appetizers with good music. Plan an itinerary that will take your date on a small adventure through the city. Nothing is more impressive than a fun filled date with plenty of activities. Make sure you keep up your sense of adventure if your relationship progresses. Don’t become a hermit once you’ve locked in your partner, that is a recipe for a breakup, and then you will be back to square one.
10. Have fun: Tim Berners-Lee made it possible for all of us to connect via the Internet. Because of this modern technology you can break out of the norm and meet people online instead of always at the bar. This means you have a great chance to make a lasting first impression. Show your fun side, smile in your pictures (or videos), make people laugh, embrace your personality and have it show through on your profile. The last thing you want it to feel like is a chore, so just have fun with online dating!

Instamour’s innovative, real time, video platform fixes the problems listed in this top 10 list. There are approximately 30 pictures/frames in a second of video. One picture can tell a thousand words, so just imagine the magnitude of video. With Instamour you can truly show your personality through a video profile, instead of typing it all into a written profile. Show potential matches the real you and capture their hearts as if you were meeting in person. The best part about Instamour is once you and your potential match have both shown an interest in each other, you can communicate in three ways all in-app without giving out any personal information whatsoever: Instant chat, live video chat, and virtual phone calls. Instamour offers all of this in an elegant and simple interface along with the highest regard for member safety and data integrity. The future of mobile video dating is available for free on the App Store or the Google Play Store.



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