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She is Spontaneous

She keeps you wondering. The curiosity increases, but it is accompanied by trust and love. Every morning you wake she surprises you with passionate kisses or lustful invites to breakfast in bed. Other times, she writes out a personal note to remind you that she loves you. Among that, she participates in communication with your family and friends to find what makes you happy and follows it.

She Enjoys Spending Time with Your Family and Friends

Mi familia es tu familia; my family is your family. You’ll know that she is a keeper when she enjoys spending time with your family and friends. Through this, she gains a special connection with them that she experiences genuine attention during times of sadness and ultimate happiness.

She is Ambitious

She arranges long and short-term goals. Having times of poor turnarounds, she maintains an optimistic attitude. Her wishes are to become successful, but she also wishes to keep you in-the-loop. When she wakes every morning her errands are scheduled. She keeps great organization and manages to complete the tasks by the end of the day. Beside that, she seeks the best in you and reciprocates to it with the best in her.

You Can Count on Her

There are times when we will hit rock bottom. If she makes herself readily available during a time of hardship, please do yourself a favor a keep her. There is nothing more decisive than having a woman by your side during happy times, but most importantly during times of extreme despair.

She Respect’s Your Independence


She certainly respects your freedom. Her curiosity is expressed in questions that she asks in order to keep things mutual. She doesn’t go through your phone, email messages or Facebook profile. If you want to go out with the guys, she encourages it. When you are busy with work, she appreciates, maintains sanity and seeks alternatives to work around schedules.

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