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If you have children, but aren’t married, then you know how difficult the dating scene is for you.  You want to go out with someone on a Friday night, but you have to take care of your child.  You can’t get away for a weekend with your new boyfriend or girlfriend because you have a child.  Spur of the moment weeknight dinners don’t work for you, and god forbid you want to buy tickets to see the orchestra.  It’s just too hard to find people to help you watch your kids, and finding a good babysitter can be a job in itself.  For those single parents out there who are able to pull it off, leave some comments as to what tips you might have for other single parents out there!  And for everyone else, check out what Kristin and I had to say about this in our video below, or watch it here on YouTube.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7Hvhs4fwlc]

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