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So I recently turned 40 years old. For most people that is a milestone, for me it’s just another year. I say this because I find myself single at 40 years old. I’ve been dating pretty much my entire life, and never found what most people call a soulmate. There were a few women out there who I dated, and found a really nice connection with, but I guess they didn’t feel the same way.

Nowadays, with convenience and hook up apps, singles have so many options, they don’t want to settle for somebody when they think there is somebody right around the corner. This puts me in a pretty tight predicament. Thankfully, I enjoy my current lifestyle, my freedom, and the ability to meet new people on a regular basis. But I still have this burning question: Will I ever meet a partner in life?

I don’t know the answer.  But I will keep swiping left or right until I meet somebody who answers that question for me.

What’s it like being single at 40 you might ask? Well for one thing, pretty much all of my friends are married (or divorced) with children. The ones who are single, don’t show any sign of wanting to be married. Probably for the same reason that I’m single. Also, at 40 years old, it’s also harder to make new friends. It’s almost as if I go on dates in order to meet new people just to make new friends. It’s not like it was in the playground as a kid.  People have too many routines and responsibilities to sacrifice their time to hang out as friends it seems.

So I’ve come to accept my independence, and have learned how to enjoy life without a significant other. I have a wonderful career, a really awesome dog, great friends and family, and the ability to meet new people on a regular basis. With millennial’s showing no signs of wanting to settle down, get jobs, or become active members of society, the question I have now is, how many millennial’s are going to be single at 40? Probably a ton.

Then I ask myself, if I could go back in time and choose one of my girlfriends from my earlier days, would I? The truth is, I see them on the Internet, and social media, and I see their lives, who they are married to, their kids, their jobs, and their happiness or unhappiness. And the answer is, out of all the girlfriends I’ve had in my life, I can’t say that I would have chosen any of them to be my wife today. I would not be happy with them mostly because most of them are not happy with themselves. I don’t want to be with somebody who is miserable all the time, since I am a very happy and positive individual.

Maybe what being 40 and single really means is being comfortable and happy in your own skin. At least that’s how I feel. Maybe one day I’ll meet somebody who is happy and comfortable in their own skin, and we can form a relationship. Until that day, I will keep enjoying what life has to offer every second of every day.

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