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Even though One Direction is a successful new band that has been touring all around the world, it seems as if the MTV VMAs didn’t give them any love this year.  They didn’t get ONE nomination.  That’s pretty sad, especially with how riveting their story is.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan (and I’m not a 14 year old girl), but I think these guys deserved at least a damn nomination.  They came together on the show X Factor as single acts, became a group, and best friends.  Then they started to form a fan base without even trying, and soon became superstars.  They weren’t the only ones that got snubbed, there are various videos (SheKnows – ) that didn’t make the cut.  The boys of One Direction have worked hard to create their music, their image, their fanbase, and ultimately respect from the music community.  So to be snubbed at the VMAs without any nominations has to feel a lot like being rejected on a date.  Remember, being snubbed at the VMAs is basically society telling you, that you are not worthy.


So this made me think to myself, if I have been also rejected on a date, was I “snubbed” by society?  It sure seems like it, and now I feel even worse about it.  I’ve worked hard to get to where I am in life, college, IT corporate, buying a home, learning a lot about the world, and creating an image of who I want to become.  I have been rejected so many times on dates that it almost seems as if the person who I have become isn’t really what society wants (or females in particular).  But then again, I have a “fan base”, of women in my life who care about me, support me, and always tell me what a great guy I am.  So I guess in a sense my situation is kind of like One Direction’s.  Snubbed by society, but loved by the people who matter.

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