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I’ve been using online dating websites and now mobile apps for years now.  Being 36 years old and still single tells me something obvious…online dating simply does not work. For decades now, dating sites have used the same format for creating a profile and displaying them as well.  And the format is pretty straightforward:

  • Entering your personal information such as name, email, password, gender, birthday, ethnicity, location, and other info.
  • Answering a multitude of questions to help match you with other people
  • Uploading a handful of pictures to show people what you look like

Now, the dating search falls into a few steps.  First you have to perform a search to look for people who you may want to date.  Once you search and find someone you are interested in, then you have to read all of their information and scroll through their pictures.  After you do this and feel like you may get along with this person you have to craft a personal and fun email to let them know.  The problem is, more often than not, your email gets lost in a flooded inbox, or the person you emailed simply doesn’t respond because they don’t like your profile.  What starts to happen, is you waste a lot of time, and begin to get resentful.

The biggest issue is the fact that when you finally do meet people from online dating sites, 9 times out of 10, what you see in person, is not what you expected at all.  We all want someone want a great personality, but who are we kidding, physical appearance matters just as much.  Typically, people don’t looks like their pictures, and it turns people off.  Also, dating can be quite expensive and time-consuming.  Everything from:

  • Emailing people on dating sites, and then playing email tag
  • Texting on the phone, and then having conversations talking on the phone
  • Making plans that work for both schedules / interests
  • Finally meeting in person and spending time driving, having an initial conversation
  • Spending money on gas, parking, food, activities

So imagine you do all of the things listed above, and then find out that you don’t have a connection with the person.  What a waste of time that was!  Now imagine doing this hundreds of times.  After a while, you start to lose hope and realize, that online dating just doesn’t work.

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