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It seems like every time I meet a girl and we hit it off in some way, they start to think about their “feelings”.  Us guys (at least me in particular), we just simply want to hang out with the girl again to see where it might lead.  We don’t think about, “Oohh, do I like her?!?!?”, or “Does she like me?!?!”.  We just assume that if a girl accepts the invitation to hang out again, that she in fact does like us.  Because that’s how we think.  If we ask you to hang out again, we like you, plain and simple.

A great analogy would be Man of Steel (comes out today!).  I’m super excited to see this movie (just as I am to see a girl I like).  But do I think about how I feel about it? NO! Because I have no idea how I feel about it! (I haven’t seen it yet).  I just know that I am excited to see it!  Even after I watch it, I won’t have real feelings about it.  More of a rating.  Thumbs up or Thumbs down.  Again, simple.

So that’s how we treat girls in some respect, either a thumbs up or down rating.  If we like you, we will want to see you again.  Don’t ruin it by asking a million questions right away.  Just let nature take its’ course and let the romance happen gradually, and naturally.  Forcing intimacy and feelings is just wrong in so many ways.  So ladies, instead of talking about your feelings within the first couple of dates, try to just enjoy the time spent with your guy.  Make him feel special, make him happy, show him that you like him, don’t tell him.  If you do a good enough job of SHOWING us that you like us, then we will KNOW that you like us, we won’t need to hear it.  Vice Versa ladies……Vice Versa…..

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