Here at Instamour, we want to help people find instant love. That’s what Instamour means (Amour is the French word for Love!). We know how hard it is to find that special someone on traditional dating sites and apps. We are right there with you, being that everyone on our team has been using dating sites for years. We feel your pain, and we know that online dating is broken.We think the best way to meet someone is by actually seeing and hearing their personality before meeting. Pictures and text just don’t work. Some of us are videographers, musicians, writers, artists, and much more. We wanted to put every aspect of art and culture into this app so that it isn’t “just another dating app.” We also wanted to give everyone the most privacy possible, and that’s why we don’t have a web version. This cuts down the possibility of random people watching or sharing your videos on the web.

So if you like what we are doing, tell your friends about us, the more the merrier! We are working hard to add cool features to the app, and help people like yourself find that special someone through the power of video. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email us at – and tell us what’s on your mind! Or if you have any dating stories you want to tell us about email us and we might add your story to our blog! In the meantime feel free to leave comments on posts from our contributors.

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