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Ah, the bucket list. I have some pretty lofty dreams on my bucket list. Sky-diving, seeing La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, wandering the Louvre, having all of the clothes I’ve pinned on Pinterest in my real-life ginormous closet, along with marrying a real life Mr. Darcy.

Don’t you dare judge.

Colin Firth? That man can wear a sweater. Just saying.

Then you have some other folks with their own unique hopes, dreams and aspirations.


My friend, you are dangerously close to breaking the rules of Fight Club.

I was so excited to receive this message because someone took the time to write me more than a greeting. Then, I continued. Womp, womp.  Slowly, but surely my brow crinkled and my jaw dropped. I know there are all kinds of kinks and fetishes, but come on!! A fair fight with a woman? I wish I knew a female boxer or MMA fighter to whoop his tail because this dude needs some schooling.

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