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I have that polite person tendency to respond to anyone who makes a decent effort to message me, even if to say that I’m not interested. I’m nice like that. We all get those unwanted, yet ego-boosting messages from the poor souls who are too young to legally enter a liquor store alone or are creeptastickly old enough to be a parent.

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Ma’am though? I appreciate the generous compliments, but let’s be honest. I’m thinking that you don’t want to Ma’am a slightly older woman who you are interested in wooing. Don’t get me wrong, I dig the respect, I just think that he could have left it out. You know, for my ego.#almostthirty. I responded as gently as my sassy soul would allow. The problem is that my angelic response was apparently not enough of a firm “not interested” for him.

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Bless. He thinks he has a chance. It’s actually almost sweet how he thinks it would be okay to see each other for a year and then actually date once he turns 21. How precious. Ahem.

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Well, isn’t he a persistent little feller. I’m starting to take back my positive thoughts about this kid being precious. This is ridiculous. You are sending your digits to a stranger who expressed disinterest, very sweetly I might add. I’m tempted to send him to our blog post that lists 10 tips for a successful try at online dating and refer him to one about being a clinger. Numero 6.

Just saying.

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