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As a single mother using a dating site, I have to consider my own safety secondary to my child's. There are child molesters, drug addicts, alcoholics, con men, and abusive or violent men to watch out for. These men have a tendency to see us single moms as weak and vulnerable. Perhaps, they figure that we aren't able to go out as much, so we must be desperate for any kind of attention. Not a day goes by that I'm not propositioned for sex. Quite often, they will contact me with crazy fetishes and inappropriate comments without even asking my name. They will harass me excessively from morning to night until I'm forced to block them. These scoundrels will soon make a new profile, sometimes even the same day, just to start harassing me again!

I wish these creepers would leave me alone once and for all! I'm not desperate, but I do refuse to settle for a schmuck like you. I am not weak. I am strong and capable. I am a single mother. My son's best interest and mine are of the utmost importance. You have no chance with this momma bear if you don't measure up.


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