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If I say yes will I get herpes? I don't like gifts that I can't return.

I'm not really buying what you are selling, but I would like to know which shampoo you use that gives you the nice thick hair. My curls are feeling a little limp these days. I have to share with you that this guy was over 2 hours away from me. That is quite the drive for stranger nookie when you can't guarantee the quality. From my vast experience in online dating, I know that he most definitely found some poon that night.

What a great compliment though! “You are 5'5″ of pure sexiness.” I usually don't even bat my eyes when guys butter me up online. Honestly, I have a tendency to feel awkward most of the time when receiving compliments. I don't know why, but I imagine that I'm not the only person out there that feels this way. This lil feller's compliment made me feel all kinds of tickled though. Granted, he was trying to tickle his way into my party panties. I'm feeling generous, so I'll spare him the penalty flag on the play.

Good effort. <insert slow clap>

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