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I’m quite certain that this fellow was channeling Britney Spears when he messaged me (get it get it).



Please, please, please just stop with the ma’am. If you’re going to go about it this way, address me correctly. No, my first name isn’t ma’am, it’s Latisha. Miss Sweeting if you’re nasty. Now that we have that taken care of, let’s calm that mess down.

Wywołane są takie problemy często chociażby niewłaściwym trybem życia, złymi nawykami, złą dietą, oraz problemami hormonalnymi. Dieta ma ogromny wpływ na potencję, niestety wielu ludzi o tym zapomina, a przez ciągle przyśpieszający świat myślenie o rozmaitych posiłkach mojaapteka24.com jest ostatnią rzeczą na jaką zwracamy uwage. W większości są to suplementy diety albo tzw.

I’m not one to judge someone on their preferences in perversions; however, I would like to actually know the person a bit before it’s brought to light. I wonder if guys think that a dominatrix would hide herself on a dating site. Of course they must, because you can bet your banana that this isn’t the first time I’ve received messages like this. There once was a young man who thought it appealing to offer to be my slave and bank account, so long as I dominate him. He wanted to pay my bills, clean my place, and spoil me. I know what you’re thinking. I should have let him. Hindsight, you’re probably right.


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