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Poor Judgment

Bad Judgment - Poor Judgment

Never Judge a Book by its cover!! At times, you might feel insecure about yourself and find no other outlet but to judge someone else. However, this is when you begin to use methods that may be disadvantageous. So you want sex (or need sex in some cases) – which means you are going to have to quit judging people and rather seek those who you feel may share some interest.  And please note that if you have to join the Screen Actors Guild (bad joke) to turn on your charm and act as someone else – move on to the next one… BE YOURSELF!

Bad Attitude

Bad Attitudes Will Not Get You Any

Some men ignore the consequences that bad attitudes hoard. In other words, a bad attitude towards others will never grant you success. Though this applies to many real-life scenarios, unless women directly look for men with a bad attitude, you are not going to score an invitation into her bedroom. GIVE RESPECT, AND YOU WILL RECEIVE RESPECT!

Awesomely-Foul Breath

Solutions for Bad Breath Now!

Fellas… Please be aware of how your breath appeals to others. Let’s suppose that you are out touring the city and have decided to stop at Howard’s Crab House for dinner.  Now you are detouring to a local lounge to personally meet a mutual interest that you’ve met on Instamour. The smell of seafood and dry mouth now lingers – YOU’VE FAILED!

Solution: Carry pocket size cologne and a pack of mints to get a step closer to scoring!

You Better Call Edward Scissorhands (Poor Grooming)


Women love men who are well groomed.  With facial hair, it’s a 50/50 shot.  Some women love it, and others don’t.  I suggest that men with short hair get a haircut every two weeks, and men with longer hair at least once a month. If you fall into the facial hair category, then trim it at least once a week. A quick trim of your facial hair can go a long way.

Smell Good and you will Attract them: Unless you are allergic, I suggest that you also invest in cologne that will appeal to women, but most importantly to yourself. A great scent will amplify your confidence that in turn will heighten your chances of scoring. INVEST IN HAIRCUTS AND COLOGNE!

Quit sending Dick Pics!

I have heard countless stories of women complaining about an inconsiderate bastard who wants to show want he was born with. Be a gentleman, and allow the woman to at least ask for a penis picture before you send one. If she asks for a “sexy-pic”, be modest and show her your topless body. Keep her wondering and eventually she’ll ask for more – unless she’s witnessed it personally… SAFE SEXTING!


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