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Wow, today is the day that the greatest condom in 400 years will be available for sale ($100) to prototype testers! Charles Powell, the inventor of the Bill Gates-inspired Galactic Cap, is claiming that the All-Star Willy Protector will prevent pregnancy while enjoying a bit of skin on skin.


How does the Galactic Cap work? Well, according to the video launched by G-Cap, it’s a two-part practice. First, an adhesive goes onto the tip of the Pecker and can be applied hours or even days earlier. Next, when you are ready to check into Love Galaxy, you take out the reservoir cap that is supposedly thicker and stronger than ordinary condoms, and then attach it to the tip of the ding-dong. The cap stays put, while both guy and gal enjoy the sexual benefits of skin on skin.

ImageWhy not regular condoms? And what about STDs?

As mentioned in a TechCrunch article, “Regular condoms are uncomfortable, difficult to apply and they take the pleasure out of sex. Their failure rate is high (15-18 percent) and their usage rate is low. Only 5 percent of men in the world wear a condom – 17-20 percent in developed countries,” said the creator, Charles Powell.


“Healthy skin is a barrier to infection. However, if a man has a sore or an abrasion he should by all means use a traditional condom,” he said. “We feel the Galactic Cap will increase condom use because it’s more sexually satisfying. And we believe increased use will drive down HIV and STD rates.”

Today, an IndieGogo campaign aims to the raise funds for a clinical trial. Their goal is to raise $100k. Fifty thousand dollars will go to development of CAD files, Tools for Manufacturing & Testing; $25k will go into Manufacturing Product Samples; $10k for a Medical Engineering Consultant to assist with Design; $5,000 for Development in art and tooling G-Cap Packaging, and the closing $10k will go to the expenses of the campaign.

According to G-Cap’s market research, 96% of men and women dislike traditional condoms. Yet, every year 18.5 billion condoms are sold worldwide. We wish that everyone practices safe sex. So, if this product seems to entice your interest – give it a shot and support G-Cap’s campaign!


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