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Ah, the good ol’ time of having a sexually thrilling life with your partner. What about the kinky words exchanged while subtle pelvic moments take the both of you into erotic galaxy. The oohs and aahs while jimmy thrusts into the vertical smile.

Now let’s say you shut down the arousal factory by telling your partner the wrong thing… Unless of course, that’s your plan in the first place.

These statements will DESTROY a man’s ego during sex:

1. Is it in?

Never directly ask a man if it’s in. This question will have a man second-guessing his manhood. When he has already put his dagger into a foxhole he wants to feel powerful. He will do everything in his power to ensure that his Twinkie pleasures the mound of Venus, and asking is it in yet will cause a major disruption sending his junk back to the dumpster.

2. Don’t worry, that’s normal with men your age

What a downer! He can’t get it up… During sex, men enjoy boogieing in bed in a way that fulfills their desires. One day we will want to lick the promise land or have our pecker lapped. When we don’t get it up, unless it’s a medical condition, it’s best to have a serious discussion with your partner. You never know, it might just be your fault.

3. Really, that was it?

Damned, what a minuteman! We jizzed too early. But what’s the problem? You may be doing something right. To him, your mystical fold may be so damned good that he needs to find some time to regulate his gun. But if it continues, I suggest that you and your partner enjoy a life full of happiness as stress can cause mishaps!

4. Zzz…

You put her to sleep… Some of us interpret sleep as an ego-booster. If we’ve been banging the pink portal and she falls asleep during the session, we may be in danger. If she happens to rest easy after getting her peach plugged, this may be a jackpot for us to celebrate.

5. Could we try this?

Ah, oh! Never… ever, ever, ever wrench out a bogus rod during sex, unless we’ve requested it. A man will squeeze blood supply out of his heart into a pool of insecurities. He will think that you are not satisfied with his size, which in turn will unsettle his ego sending it into the Andromeda Galaxy.

6.Ha, Cute. You have Boobs.

Do you ladies find this saying adorable? Well we find it odd when you tell us that we have “boobs”. It is marked in us when using the term boobs in correlation to women’s breast. Please do not destroy our ego by telling us that we carry a similar body part that you lug!

7. Maybe I should try with girls…

Kinky? Or are you insulting us? Some guys actually encourage girl on girl action. If men support you getting jiggy-jiggy with another girl, saying that you should try with girls during a session of tedious plowing may just dampen a man’s self-worth. Wrong timing and misuse of statements may just be damaging to a successful couple.

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