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**Disclaimer: The following story is true and contains material that some might find unsettling, and therefore it is not for the weak hearted. 


A few years ago I met a man through a good friend of mine .She had met a man on a  online dating site and he had a friend that was interested in me from looking at my facebok and social media feeds.  The scary part was he did his homework and he was obssessed with me before we even officially met. Once we did meet after a couple months of him not giving up ,we decided to go on a date because he was very persistent and showed a lot of interest I finally caved .My first instinct my initial gut feeling was that something was off and not to date him .Always listen to yourself ladies.  At first things were great.  He was nice, respectful, charismatic, and treated me like a queen.  Then one day, he became rude, abusive, and outright violent.  I had to break it off because I have a 7 year old son (4 years old at the time), and I was looking out for his best interest.  Unfortunately, the man did not want to break up with me, and started to follow me everywhere, sit outside my house in his car, call my job, home, cell, family, some calls were plain eerie along with death threats and heavy breathing. This happened all the time and I lived in fear, and then worse…he tried to do the unthinkable.

First, he sent partially nude pictures of me to my boss, then on a revenge website which got me fired, and a few months later  made me lose my house because I now had no source of income and was afraid to leave my house.  Then he took it a step further and showed up at my house in the middle of the night, broke in forced entry while I was home (along with my son), and forced himself violently on me, beating me, punching me, and suffocating me. He was a big, and strong man and full of evil!! (A coward if you ask me) When I tried to fight back, he told me he came to take my life and told his family before he left .  He seemed to enjoy strangling me, He then suffocated me until he thought I was dead!  So he took his hands off my lifeless body and walked into another room to fix his contact that poped out from him straining his face during the abuse, when I thought about my son coming in the room to check on my screams, I opened my eyes and the thought of him gave me strength. I managed to break free, grab my son, and run for my car screaming.  The neighbors called the police and came outside because I was frantic and bleeding, clutching my son. The police came and they wouldn’t do much besides arrest him and let him out on bail after he had physciatric treatment .  This stalking, harassment, and violence continued for months to the point I had to get the courts involved,restraining order,lawyers, more police, and even the FBI and my county goverment officials, before anyone took me serious.

During this time I met the CEO of Instamour at the time Instamour was just an idea, I  hiding in my room looking for at home employment so I didn’t have to leave my house.  Jason Sherman gave me hope and employment during this devastaing time. He believed in me and was horrified that this happens to everyday people.  He even talked to the FBI and police for me to help with this issue .He had his own encounter with my stalker who was emailing him and harrassing him online ,I mean this guy was relentless. He was the only person that didn’t judge me, and instead he showed true concern and wanted to find a way to help. We spent many days and nights perfecting Instamour together to make it welcoming and safe for women like me. I was able to work and not be afraid because we had such a tight nit team .I finally felt safe and at home.  This was my therapy, creating a safe place to find real love and protecting women from cowards like the man I had met. I went from having no hope to giving others hope as the Co-Founder and VP of an amazing startup company. I thank god everyday for Instamour and my life.

I suddenly realized I wasn’t a victim anymore and that fate was at play,  I was meant to be a part of this company and something real. I was now able to help other women and share my story.  “Each year 7.5 million people are stalked in the U.S. alone and 85% of them are victims being stalked by somebody they know.” Huffington Post quoted this in their article “Psychology Of Stalking.” I want to personally thank all of you ladies for joining our cause, and I would love to hear any feedback from you about our app or any stories that you might have as well.  If you would like to email me directly, to talk more, or if you would even like a phone call from me to talk about your story, or our app, or anything at all, I would really like that.  Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Also please follow The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence if you think you are or know someone who is suffering from abuse.


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