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It is rare to find someone that you truly and deeply connect with during an initial date, especially with today’s social, local, and mobile mentalities. But early on, I’ve learned to listen, think, then speak. I’ve also learned that when you listen, you begin to recognize people for their true being. Regardless of the dating occasion, whether via text, phone call, dinner, or movies you truly begin to understand ones worth when you just listen.

I will mention that during my teen years, I was a careless “boy” that was inconsiderate when taking thought into respecting girls, let alone committing myself in an actual relationship.

I’ve failed at multiple relationships, raised a newborn baby into a boy, and was then traumatized by the loss of my biological son. Then, later to understand that it was maybe time for me to re-examine my actions, and graduate to become a man.

I’ve begun searching for “Love”, at least that’s what I thought… I’ve dated on and off and had a few mutual hookups and breakups. Because of my skepticism with dating online, I have attempted to shy away from meeting women on the Internet. For one, I’ve known beforehand that photos were easily modified. And two, yea – you’ve guessed it; I’ve been cat-fished!


I’ve used dating sites and apps, but I’ve found myself getting attacked by SexBots. Since then, I’ve decided not to date for a few months then magically Instamour has developed and BAM, a new dating app in the market – I was curious and skeptical at the same time, but went for my instinct and tried it out.

Immediately, there were quite a few things that I have notice differently about Instamour. First, they are a video-dating platform. So I see video, yay! And second, how nice it was to have an app that actually allowed you to easily delete women who you aren't mutual with, in addition to keeping all communication within the app. So no more STALKER CALLS, yep! And although it was a little too womanlike for my taste, the purpose of the app served me (a single man at the time) well!

I’ve found my “love at first sight” using the app. Though the first “sight” was the video conversation that we had, but my girlfriend and I believe that we have engaged ourselves in an exponentially different level of connection than our previous experience using singular apps. We’ve connected in an intimate level of chat while visually meeting the exact person that we knew we’d see during a live date.

Currently, our happiness continues. Who knows where it’ll lead… Hopefully Loving Her a Long Time=)

I speak as a successful user of Instamour having had a prosperous outcome. I want to wish those who use the app triumph in finding a true soul mate. If there are any tips that you feel you may need – feel free to reach out to me!

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