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Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

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In one of my previous posts, Cling Much, I touched on the persistence of an overeager young fellow. He hasn’t been my only experience with this. Time after time, I receive the same repetitive messages over the course of a few days, as if they forgot that they even messaged me before.

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All of these messages are very nearly the same! Is this the default? I should mention that, girlfriend here, appreciates originality. A great way to start a message is by mentioning something that I wrote in my bio. Question my interests! If you read someone’s profile and genuinely have no idea what to say, try talking about your own interests. Some folks like to keep their synopsis bare, so it can make it difficult for you to engage them. Do me a favor, give it a rip anyway. I’m highly likely to respond if you comment on my interests. Alas, I would suggest, at least initially, avoiding compliments on their appearance. For me, that doesn’t work. I already know that I look great in my photos. I edited them for your viewing pleasure and probably took at least 50 selfies to get the one that is posted. #nomakeup #nofilter

Everyone shout it out now!


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