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As I walked into Venturef0rth to meet my team, they kept telling me I was going to love the band they sponsor. “They’re so nice!”  After hearing about how sweet they were about 10 times, I was not psyched to write this article.  Nice is boring.

Then they walked in and I was even less psyched.  They looked like every other hipster, pop band I see featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.  Cute and young with shortish hair. They were downright wholesome.  One of them doesn’t even drink and I’d bet a million dollars none have even seen heroin.  And they were so affable.  Wholesome and affable is boring.

The interview started as banal as possible.  They talked about liking girls.  (How fascinating!) They talked about how girls inspire lots of their songs.  (Who would have thought?) They admitted being musicians helped them get girls.  I could have interviewed any pop band in the country and gotten the same insipid answers.


But, then I started asking about their tattoos and got inspired by them.  Mike Monroe, the singer, has the words, “Fear Nothing” written boldly across his chest.  That motto got him through his personal struggles.  Once the conversation went there, I saw into their hearts and souls.  I  saw a lot of depth.

They have been creating and performing music for a long time.  They have sacrificed all to their passion and their band.  There’s no steady pay check.  Relationships are damn near impossible. Women initially say they can handle being a mistress to the music – which always comes first.  They are on tour or they are writing music or they are recording it . The women eventually realize they can’t handle it and they leave.  All are old enough to have wives and kids and white picket fences.  None of them do.

“Fear Nothing”.  What was the meaning of that to him, I asked Mike.  All the band members answered in unison.  It means. don’t fear the poverty that is anathema to being a musician before the band makes it.

It means, don’t fear the obstacles you encounter along the way.  Don’t fear the rejection. Don’t fear working your ass off for years without success.  Don’t fear the women leaving because you are broke and never home.

These cute, young affable guys who look like they don’t have a care in the world, know struggle.  Nothing about the real them is boring.  They have overcome their struggles by living their motto, “Fear nothing.”

They are there, like brothers, to help each other.  When one can’t pay his bills, the others chip in.  Yes, they really are “nice”.

July 4, 2014

Mike has another tattoo.  It says “Patience”.  That says all you need to know about this band.  During the climb they have “No Fear” because they know patience is the key. Persevere and you will get there.  They have the talent.  They believe it will happen.  So they are making it happen.

Now they are performing at the Warped tour.  This is a huge achievement of which my team and I are super proud of them for reaching.  They have tons of fans.  They are coming out with a new album (Smart Girls) and the excitement is in the air.

I have struggles in my own life.  My divorce derailed my career.  I spend half my days in custody court or preparing for it.  I question whether or not my writing and my comedy products will ever get off the ground.  I was inspired by Rivers Monroe today.  I’m going to go home and try to live their motto.  Can I have no fear?  Can I have a strong enough belief in my talent to endure the climb with patience.  I sure as hell am going to try.

You have struggles. When you feel like giving up think about Rivers Monroe and “Fear Nothing,” and believe in yourself.  That should give you the patience to persevere to get through the broke times and the lonely times and life.





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