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Sexting can be interpreted in a variety of ways. I can assure that many of you may have once experienced sending a photo that included sexual text with someone you have once trusted, to then have him or her share your PERSONAL-ity with the rest of the world. And if you have not – I am here to save you!!

In The Receiver You Trust

Although it may be obvious to you, sexting a stranger could lead to great danger; both physically and mentally. I recommend that sexting remains between you and your significant other. It is great to sext with someone whom you share intimacy with, but you must be really TRUSTWORTHY of this other individual. A tip to leave with is that you should never feel obligated (forced) to send a sexy text or pic of yourself. Surprises are more spontaneous anyway, so be bold and be proud to simply say no.

Tease – Nothing More

Okay, so have you ever watch a movie where your celebrity crush teases his or her significant other? Then the scene moves onto an awesome sex scene or worse (A VERY POOR SEX SCENE) – and you having gratifying self-talks about how much better you would’ve performed… Well teasing does exactly that.. Teasing stimulates the mind causing the person receiving the text to want more. If you sexually text properly giving the right amount of tease, you and your partner will be in for a great night!

Show Some Never All

While sexting, you should always attempt to be as discreet as possible. In other words, show very little (similar to teasing) but send something appealing – With this tip, I am referring to sending photos…

Ahh, the nude pics of our sexy partner!! Who can resist??

If you are in a new relationship and obviously trust your partner, I suggest sending tease-pics that limit nudity. Such suggestions, may include a selfie pic of you biting your lips, or perhaps a photo of you in underwear cropping your face out of the photo (this saves you from possible bullying if you and your new partner do not work out.)

If you are in a rather enduring relationship, go ahead and send nudes (if you please.) After all, as mentioned that teasing enhances sexual experiences in couples and keeps spontaneity in tact. However, I also suggest cropping your face. Try showing something in the photo that you and your partner closely share. Such suggestions for women include: lingerie that your partner has purchased you or for men: a wrist watch that you own…

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