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Date for Computer help?

So you’re going to start a new conversation with, “U good with the program access” ???

Which for those of you who don’t know, Access is a Microsoft Database program, that can be quite difficult.

Wow, you win a prize for the best way to lose the chance to go on a date with me.  Yes I know how to use the program, but instead of telling this poor girl that I will help her I instead tell her that it’s just not the easiest program, and I didn’t even hear back from her, which shows how dumb she is.

She did throw in a quick, “Ur cute and smart!”.  Well yeah, I know that, which is why I am not desperate enough to meet up with you to help you with your computer.  Are you going to help me with my raging urges to fulfill some random fantasy?  If so, then maybe I would accept your idea of help needed in exchange for some help on my end 😉

But seriously ladies, if you need help with your computer, software, or anything in your life…wouldn’t it be best to meet a man who you enjoy spending time with, who adores you, and would like to help you out of the kindness of his heart?

I would hope that the majority of you will answer Yes to that question.  If not, then please go onto the next profile when you find mine….thanks!

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