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Let’s face it, dating in the real world kind of sucks.  It’s time consuming, disappointing, and there is rarely a fairy tale ending.  So when I watch TV shows like Once Upon a Time or animated films like Frozen it makes me wish I could wave a magic wand, and meet the woman of my dreams.  But, I live in reality (unfortunately), and there is no such thing as a magic wand, as far as I know.  So I have to resort to meeting women the traditional way, without any fairy dust or shooting stars.  When I watched Frozen, it revived a part of me that was dormant, that child-like romance I once felt when I was younger.

If I could be a cartoon, I would definitely be Kristoff, and of course then I’d be dating Anna.  The fact that the film and TV show characters are merging is pretty cool, especially since they both have to do with a fairy tale world.  I wish I could live in it!  Who would I be in the show?  Prince Charming? A dwarf? (nope, I’m too tall).  I’d be satisfied with being just a regular guy who happened to step over the county line and was able to witness a magical, romantic world even if it was just for a day.

TV shows and movies are said to be nothing like real life.  But don’t they take stories from the real world overall?  Romance, comedy, drama, fear, and other aspects of plots had to come from somewhere.  If not from the minds of human beings, then where?  When I laugh, cringe, or cry when watching a show or movie, it touches me in a way the real world rarely does.  This is why I wish dating was more like Frozen or Once Upon a Time.  Maybe I can try to see the world as magical and romantic once again.  If not, I always have my ladies on the silver screen <3


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