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It’s not often an actor touches my heart the way Robin Williams did. Even though I never met him, I felt as though I knew him. His amazing variety of characters made me laugh and cry throughout my life. Even as a kid when I watched him on Mork and Mindy, I had no idea he would turn into such an amazing well-rounded actor. But as the years progressed, he continued to deliver amazing roles and characters that truly made him one of my favorite actors of all time.

When I found out he died yesterday, I immediately felt sad and humbled. And the thought of his depression potentially causing him to commit suicide was even more heartbreaking. I’ve battled depression most of my adult life, and I know how it can take a toll on you. I wish I could have just talked to him a few days ago to see what he was going through and try to help him through it. Depression makes you not want to be alive, I get it, but there are things in this world that are worth staying alive for, and the movies Robin Williams acted in were one of them.


So by taking his life, he also took away other people’s will to live in a sense. His movies were a driving force behind laughter, sadness, enlightenment, and dreams. One of his lesser-known films, Bicentennial Man, was one of my favorite movies of all time, mostly because I’m a huge Isaac Asimov fan. He portrayed an artificial intelligent robot that lives for 200 years old, and showed us how frail and weak us humans are. Well, part of me always wanted Robin Williams to live that long, to keep me laughing and fulfilled for the rest of my life.

dead 3

O Captain! My Captain! (Another favorite film: Dead Poet’s Society), you inspired me to be a better person.  You helped me through some hard times when taking me through a fantasy filled adventure with Jumanji.  You showed me that dreams are what we strive for every day of our life.  In doing so, you helped make my life something special…something worthwhile in a way.  Simply put: the mundane daily routines of peoples’ lives were touched by a comedic angel.


He will sadly be missed by me and by billions of others. I truly hope he is in heaven right now doing what he does best…making everyone laugh!  Rest in peace Robin Williams, you were one-of-a-kind and always will be in my heart.


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