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If you’ve ever signed up for a dating site, usually you have to answer a list of tedious questions about your personal life. More often than not, this time-consuming process makes you wonder whether or not the answers will actually help you get matched with a potential partner. Wouldn’t you rather find out whether or not your personality matches somebody else’s in person over a great conversation, over drinks or while walking in the park?

Well, that’s the real question; many dating sites prefer to have people answer a lot of questions and then use the percentages (or so they say) to give people better matches. eHarmony is notorious for a laundry list of questions, only to reject people after having answered them. OkCupid was recently scrutinized for stating that even though they ask a lot of questions, the percentages of matches was just an experiment.


I feel as though questionnaires on dating apps are a bit bogus. Just because you like a certain food, or want to travel to a certain place, or you would never do sexual things in public, doesn’t mean you won’t be a good match for someone. As the saying goes, opposites attract. If you base a relationship on questions and answers or percentages of matches, you will probably be single forever.

This is why speed dating has been so popular in the past 20 years, because you find out within five minutes if you are a good match based on what you see in front of you in person. This is exactly why I am a huge lover of all things video…because it also gives you that initial five minute decision on whether or not you will get along with someone and if you have chemistry.


If you think answering questions and reading peoples’ answers is going to be anything more than entertainment, I personally believe that you are sadly mistaken and are destined for failure in the dating scene. I think that people who are followers tend to believe these types of platforms work for them, but true believers in personality, chemistry, and love at first sight are the ones who will surpass this nonsensical data aggregation


Let your instincts and your feelings guide you to the right match, and not a bunch of meaningless answers. Would you match yourself up with someone who got the same SAT score? I think not, so why would you match yourself up with someone who answers questions the same way you do. That’s a ridiculous notion, and one that I hope disappears in the near future.

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