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Love is the most powerful emotion on the face of the Earth. There are many things you can love in a lifetime. But to be in love with something, particularly someone, takes a much greater deep-rooted emotion. What if you meet that special someone, that fully completes you in every sense of the word? Well then I say you are one of the lucky ones. Because for me, being in love is something I crave more than money, more than power, more than anything I can think of.


The problem with love, is of course; holding onto it. You might fall in love with someone and then fall out of love with them over the course of time. Or maybe you lose your loved one in a horrible plane crash or they slowly die because of a terminal illness. Either way, what do you do when you are finally in love with someone and then lose that love? That’s one thing I don’t ever want to find out, but if I ever do find that one person who I love indefinitely, I guess it’s worth the risk.

People have been telling me for the better part of ten years, “You can’t force love, you just have to stop looking for it, and it will find you.”

What a bunch of bullshit.

If I stop looking for love, then how the hell is it going to find me? You think my soul mate is just going to knock on my door one day? Not even close. As a matter of fact, if I don’t look for love, then love will find someone else. I don’t care what anybody says, if you don’t look for sunken treasure, it will never be found.


My least favorite piece of advice from people is, “You have to stop being so picky, and settle down with someone, eventually you will learn to love them.” Now that’s funny, let me tell you. If not being in love with someone soon after meeting them is considered being picky, then I’m guilty as charged. I don’t want to learn to love somebody, I want to love them because that is the feeling I get when I’m around them. I am so jealous of the people out there that have found love.

How did you do it? Where did you meet them? Was it fate? Was it destiny? Maybe it was just dumb luck. Or maybe, just maybe you were meant to be in love, and some of us just aren’t meant to be in love. What a curse, what a horrible stinking curse.  My friends say that I get bored too easily with women, or that I don’t give them enough of a chance. Well that may be true, but it’s true for a reason. It’s because I’m not in love with them and I don’t feel as though I ever will be!

I love my family, my friends, my dog, my businesses, music, film, art, culture, food, and life in general.  I do know what love is, and yes I have been in love before at least twice in my life with a woman…unfortunately it didn’t work out for the long run.  I guess third time’s a charm…I’ll wait and see!

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