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1. Ladies, don’t expect a lot from men.  The less you expect, the more we will give you.  We love when a woman doesn’t constantly pressure us, analyze our relationship, ask tons of questions about our feelings, and things of that nature.  In my opinion, if you let these types of conversations happen more naturally, and when they feel right, you will get more out of us.  The best part is, it will happen when you least expect it, and it will feel that much more powerful.

2. Don’t ask us to text and call you every single day.  I personally hate when women say, “Why can’t you just text me good morning, or good night?”  Seriously?  Thinking about you all day and night isn’t enough, we need to validate our thoughts with a text message? Here’s a secret for you ladies:  If a guy asks you to hang out often, and you have a good time with him on a regular basis…..most likely he is thinking about you all the time….you don’t need to validate that with a text or a call.  Save the conversations for when you’re in person.  Now if you want to make plans, or talk about something personal, that’s when you pick up the phone, text or call, and use the phone for a purpose, not just for a silly hello.


3. Take charge in the bedroom, we don’t like it when girls expect us to do all the work.  We are used to it and the truth is we like when girls are all over us instead of the other way around, it gets us really interested in attacking you afterward.  I dated a girl once who literally expected me to make the first move every single time.  Man was that boring….she might as well been an inflatable doll.  Now there are times where I love to rip a girls clothes off, and ravage her, sure.  But nothing turns me on more than a woman who kisses me all over my body and does what she wants to me.

4. We aren’t girls, we don’t like kissing as much as you do.  So if we don’t kiss you all the time it’s not that we don’t like you.  It’s that we just aren’t girls – so we don’t like to kiss as much.  Yes this even means in the bedroom, kissing doesn’t get us going, unless you are kissing all over our body (see #3).  So just because we don’t kiss you 24/7 doesn’t mean we don’t like you…..we do, trust me.

romantic dinner

5. Always offer to pay for at least half of lunch or dinner, and don’t order tons of drinks (that’s just rude).  If you expect the guy to pay for dinner and drinks it is just unfair to leave a guy with $100 tab and not even offer to pay for all the drinks you ordered.  I can’t tell you how many times I went on a date with a girl who guzzled down 3 expensive mixed drinks in a row without taking a breather, then ordered lobster & pasta, and 3 desserts!  Eff that!  I hate women who use men for dinner and drinks, especially if you never see them again after that date……What a waste of time and money!!  If you want to avoid this situation, it’s simple…offer to meet for coffee instead, it’s cheap, tasty, and if you feel it, you can go on a second date.



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