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What do you do when he finally tells you he feels the same way? You’ve been telling your friends he’s The one” for over a year and he has not given you the time of day. You have basically been placed in the friend zone.  You guys never even got past a PG rated kiss (That was amazing by the way).  Don’t get me wrong, when you first met and he said that it was basically a mistake you never gave up hope.

He tells you that you’re crazy and  it was just a kiss but you know it meant more then that.  Meanwhile, he dates someone else and you know she is completely wrong for him yet he tests your patience as your feelings grow stronger and the friendship blossoms.
Your life is like that Taylor Swift song “You belong to me”.

Can’t you see
That I’m the one
Who understands you?
Been here all along.
So, why can’t you see—

He’s the first person you text when you wake up. He’s the first person you think about when you go to bed. But, night after night you lie in bed alone and only wish he would realize that you’re the right one for him.And then after one year of your persistence and friendship, always letting him know you exist – out of nowhere he texts you and tells you that he’s thinking of you. Then he says the most unexpected thing…That he has wanted you all this time and it wasn’t just in your head. He thinks that you would be great in a relationship and he thinks he would be extremely happy…but he’s scared because you can be intense sometimes.

You freeze up, you always joked about being together and poked at him and flirted but you never expected him to return your feelings. And why is he scared, he is the one that made you wait an entire year? What the heck do you do? I know what I did when this happened to me: I panicked completely and shut down. Don’t let this happen to you. I basically punched him on the shoulder and went back to kidding around like I used to do while I was in the friend zone.The best advice I can give you if you find yourself in this situation is don’t freak out and start pouring all your emotions and heart out to him and don’t go knocking at his door. It was very hard for him to share his emotions with me. Men are a different breed, they do things differently and they take forever to share feelings. So try not to mess this up by being too intense.

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When that amazing moment happens, take a breath and reply, “I just want you to be happy. So since I waited a year there’s no rush. Just figure it all out and I’ll be here.” He will be happy you didn’t put pressure on him or freak out and say all or nothing!! Men hate pressure and being told what to do. They are alpha, that’s one thing I’ve learned from dating.Then let him end the conversation and see what happens next. It’s all fresh, new and exciting news – but stay calm because he could have jumped the gun and tomorrow he might chicken out and put you back in the friend zone. Then you’ll be stuck on the back burner until he feels emotionally charged toward you again. So just let it pan out and progress at its own pace.

You already know he “belongs to you”, so just be a little more patient. And to my readers out there, good luck if you are finally getting the person you wanted all along and not settling. Who said hard work doesn’t pay off and there isn’t a silver lining?!

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