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A guy I have known only a few weeks told me he loves me.  While we were on the phone, he told his friend that he was talking to the woman who might be his wife. Whoa… I just spent 6 years in divorce court.  Marriage talk… Not exactly a winning strategy with me.


He talks about how we will make a great team and offered me housing.  He says he has spent the past 15 years looking for someone like me.  We haven’t even kissed. He is a really nice person.  I enjoy talking to him.  He’d make a kick ass business partner. But, he needs a dating coach.  He is going about finding love all wrong.

In theory you should be able to stop the game playing and tell someone you like, that you like them right away. In reality, however, you need to follow the following rules…

1.  Play hard to get.

2.  Never put all your eggs in one basket… Do not focus on one person.  Date lots of people.  Don’t stop dating lots of people until someone you want to be in a relationship with is falling in love with you.

3.  Exercise.  If you are a guy, do not assume money alone will get you laid.  Both sexes care a lot about how you look naked.  The better you look, the easier dating becomes.

4.  Do not tell someone you are attracted to them.  Keep them guessing about whether or not you have the hots for them.

5.  Do not call a new person often.  We are back to Rule number 1.  Do not call too often because you need to play hard to get.

Sorry I did not make this funny.  I have a migraine.  But, while it isn’t funny, it is the best advice anyone could give you.  Memorize those rules.

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