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Write-up on Rhett & Link

A first date can be quite terrifying. But let’s suppose that you are having a successful first date and are unsure whether or not a second date will occur. Putting it as Link states in his comical video, “the first date is the job interview where the girl is being interview for the job of making you unsinglized.”

Considering that expression, I strongly encourage that men demonstrate compelling listening-skills when asking women questions during the first date, likewise when questing for RED FLAGS.


One: Okay, so what do you like to do for fun? If she says photography – RED FLAG! Your life will comprise of posing for artsy-selfies and countless pictures that will find their way onto the Internet.

Two: Do you have any tattoos? Although this isn’t a red flag for all women who have tattoos – still, if she has tattoos of her favorite Disney character or favorite band, RED FLAG! She’s childish and tasteless. And… if she has a tattoo of a monkey bending over on her belly button, RED FLAG! This is quite self-explanatory…


Three: Hold up two fingers and ask: How many fingers am I holding up? If she answers anything other than two – RED FLAG! Either she’s a moron or you’re a moron!

Four: Say during an appropriate time, well… you know what they say… If she agrees but doesn’t say what they say, RED FLAG! She is agreeing to nothing, or everything. It can be easily DOOMED! If she agrees then tells you what they say… then you’re in business.

Five: What’s your favorite movie? If she says Titanic, From Justin to Kelly, Superbabies Baby Geniuses Two, any movie featuring John Travolta that isn’t Pulp Fiction, any movie featuring Nicholas Cage that isn’t Raising Arizona, or any movie starring Jennifer Aniston – RED FLAG! She has ZERO discernment! If she says Office Space, Space Balls, 2001 A Space Odyssey, pretty much any move with the word Space on the title, propose on the SPOT!

Six: If you could have one superpower, what would it be? If she says X-Ray vision, invisibility, or thought reading, RED FLAG! She’s creepy and paranoid, and your relationship will end in two months with her taking your entire wardrobe and abandoning it in a K-Mart Parking Lot!

Seven: At a point of absolute silence ask: Did you hear that? If she says yes, RED FLAG… …SHE’S CRAZY!

If you find four out of seven RED FLAGS – Bail out of the date immediately! Now good luck on your date and find your love using our free video dating platform, Instamour!

View Rhett & Link’s Video Here

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