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 I’m… so… confused…

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I’m perplexed about what this dude is trying to accomplish with his message. You called me love, then you complimented me. Thanks. You eBay’d my bio and hopefully got $5 plus free shipping for it. Then you say you aren’t in a committed relationship but you are talking to someone who you aren’t seeking a relationship with. Point being? I’m not sure. It did seem like ya got a smidge defensive in there about your baby mama relationship. You state your attraction, but then question what it is anyway. Now, I’m being compared to a magazine and am hoping my insides have substance.


Homie? How in the world did I go from love to homie? That was the quickest friendzoned experience of my life. I don’t even know how to respond to this. My smartphone is not equipped with the emojis that fully express how I feel.

Good luck home-skillet!



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