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I am what people tend to call, feisty. I have this filter problem, resting bitch-face, as well as the inability to hide how I really feel in my facial expressions. Basically, when I don't like some person or some thing, you will always know. I tell the truth, but sometimes I have problems with the delivery. Here lies the problem with some of the messages I receive on dating sites. Every once in while, someone messages me when I'm in a mood and I end up telling them about themselves.


Dude. You totally just got a talking-to.

He is obviously in the booty-call universe. We run into those guys a lot. I'd like to know why girls let men they don't know talk to them this way. Women have to allow it, otherwise I wouldn't be getting so many messages like this. Also, why so insecure that you need this kind of attention.

I appreciate genuine compliments, but this sleazy stuff has got to go.

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