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“It’s as easy to fall in love with a rich person as a poor person.”  We have all heard that line before, usually from our mothers.  In fact, the reason I’m thinking about that now is that got a similar line from my mother today.  Her line was, “You need to hang out with a different crowd.” Meaning stop dating broke musicians and start going to alumni events at Wharton where you can snag a rich husband.

This all got me thinking.  Am I nuts?  Life would be a whole lot easier if I found a sugar daddy.  Am I willing to give up sexy musicians for security?  Should I?

So I did some research.  Do relationships between good looking women and rich guys work?

From Helen Fisher, the goddess of biological anthropology, I learned that both having money and having good looks makes you more attractive.  No kidding.  Who would have thought?

Fisher is coming from a Darwinian perspective.  For millions of years, women wanted men who had the resources to raise her children and men wanted women who were fertile to pass on their genes.  Good looks and fertility go together.  Better looking women tend to be more fertile.

Under Fisher’s rubric, It is actually much easier to fall in love with a rich man than a poor man.  The problem is getting him to love you back.  But getting rich guys is a topic for another blog. Rich guy, gorgeous woman seems like a great match.  He gets her fertility.  She gets his money. But it is not.

University of Notre Dame sociologist Elizabeth McClintock studied 1507 couples. According to her research, relationships between rich men and great looking women don’t last.  Unless the rich guy is also great looking and the gorgeous woman is also rich. How could this be?


Research shows that women are as shallow about looks as men.  That surprised you.  Didn’t it?  But it didn’t surprise me.  I am always trying to fix up my girl friends.  When I mention a guy I want to set them up with, the first question is always, “What does he look like?”  It is never, “How much money does he make?” or “What does he do for a living?”  Also, my friends look for pictures online and if he isn’t cute, nothing about his net worth is going to get her on that first date.

When I look at Hugh Hefner and his parade of magnificent women girlfriends, I think to myself that he is setting himself up for failure.  You know those girls are cheating.  I’m sure he knows those girls are cheating.

I read a Rod Stewart biography and when I got to the part in the book where he is marrying hot, 24 years younger super model Rachel Hunter, I wanted to scream out, “No, Rod!  Don’t do it!”  And Rod is kinda cute.  But not super model gorgeous, and at some point, she was going to dump him.  That writing was on the wall.  She bailed with the official reason being that she felt, “stifled.”  I think stifled is a euphemism for horny for hot, young guys.

What is my point?  Have I answered my question?  Is my mom correct?

Should I dump the rocker boyfriend?  Were the Beatles right?  “All you need is love?” Love doesn’t pay the bills, but he looks crazy hot on stage.

Should I hang out at Wharton Alumni events?  I could use a mansion and a maid.

“He had to really work to get that Porsche, and that’s his bait, and she sees the bait,” Dr. Fisher said. “She reels him in, and he thinks it’s short term. She has sex with him, and he falls for her. Now her babies can ride around in a Porsche.” This is a quote from Katherine Bindley of Huffington Post the article is called, Do Women Want Rich men? This is a great article .

I think they do but good looks overides everything . Tell me what you think ands share your views.

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