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Allow me to preface this post with my official statement: I am not a sizeist. I’m not here to fat-shame or thin-shame. That being said, the inaccurate posting of body type puzzles me. Let’s be honest about this, more often than not, it’s heavier people saying that they are smaller than they are. This goes for shorter people saying that they are taller, as well as the never-ending age-lying.  Personally, I label myself as BBW or full-figured on dating sites. 100 pounds ago, I labeled myself as the same thing. I am confident in myself and my size, but I am realistic enough to know that there are guys out there for whom I am not their cup of tea. We all are entitled to our opinions and preferences. I’m okay with that. I always have at least 1 full body shot on my profiles, but usually 2-3. Clear, unobstructed full-body photos, without an excessive amount of photoshop, can clear up the curiosity about what your version of “average” or “a few extra pounds” means. Folks on both sides don’t seem self-aware enough when it comes to descriptions. Guys can lie about height and body type. Girls, I hear, do the same. I don’t condone lying, but luckily it’s not usually too far off from the truth.

Then there are times when I run across profiles that I have to wonder who the hell lied to them.

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I don’t mean to be overly critical, so please don’t yell at me. I’m attracted to guys of different body types and don’t have a problem with his. I have a problem with what he says he is. I’m wondering how this gentleman thinks he is athletic. This isn’t even the worst of what I’ve encountered. When I think of an athletic body type, I think muscular and/or trim. He may have some guns, but he is by far not overwhelmingly athletic. I’ve run across thin, lanky fellows who say that they are athletic when they really should be in the slim/thin category. This may seem unfair to you, and I would happily hear what you have to say, but I would easily place him in the “few extra pounds” or “overweight” category. I would be even be comfortable, yet slightly rolling my eyes, if he put himself in the “average” category. What is average anyway?

Average is a wide range. The average woman in the US is around a size 14.  According to this article, average is the trickiest to categorize, and she is right! It really varies. Depending on the site that you’re on, there can be many body type options, or just a few. This can help you figure out where you fit in. I’ve seen men on these sites that weigh over 300 pounds and place themselves as average! What is the big deal with being honest?  Be confident about what your mama gave you. If you are unsure about where to put yourself, ask a trusted friend who won’t BS you. People have different preferences. Some care, some don’t. Don’t over-edit your photos so that when you meet in person you’re completely unrecognizable. We have all had those dates and they don’t end well. If you are going to put yourself out there for the interest of others dangit, do it right.

On the other hand, you could always try Instamour.

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