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Mr. Washboard Abs, I can't stop looking at your Rectus Abdominus. Damn, what I would do…

Really, that is besides the point because though you added me to your favorites, you never actually messaged me. Our whirlwind romance and subsequent hot and totally steamy relations, including whipped cream and strawberries, are just a dream in the wind. I'm your favorite, but not enough to actually say hello.

This is a trend in my experience. Guys favorite me all of the time, but leave me hanging in the actual communication department. What gives? Are you saving me for later? Most of the time, the gents that fav'd me are among the undesirables. I even have a message in my POF profile saying that “Favoriting” me without actually messaging me is creepy, don't because I'll delete it. Still happens. I'm flabbergasted. If you are interested so much that you save me to a list, take the time and message me. I won't allow anyone to keep me in their favorites unless we have an interesting conversation and has to run all of a sudden.

Bottom line, don't do it. Ask first!

Sigh, abs. Mmm.

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