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tumblr_n5s5zxanXO1tq9q5vo1_1280.jpg (1162×752)People always ask me if love at first sight really exists? Personally I believe it does. I don’t believe that it’s like fairy tales or the movies, where it happens overnight. You meet your Prince Charming, fall in love, get married, buy a house in the suburbs, and have 2.5 kids.  You live happily ever after and invite everyone to your 25th anniversary party. I think when it  actually does happen, it overpowers us with intense emotion.   Sometimes it’s so powerful, we don’t know what to do with it when we have it.  Timing really is everything when it comes to the subject of love.  Maybe that is where they came up with the term “The one that got away.” If the timing is off in our lives, well this rare event could go to waste if the right action is not taken during the initial meeting.

I have only experienced love at first sight three times in my life.  Once in high school, once in college, and once as an adult.  Scientists say that you are only romantically compatible with one out of 100 people that you meet in this lifetime.  The real question to this scientific fact is:  Do I have more of a chance of experiencing the love at first sight phenomenon (since I meet thousands of people) vs the average person who may be an introvert and whom has less opportunities with their career and social circle as I do?

Since dating and courting has never really changed since prehistoric times and online dating has become the revolution and taken over, does this mean that we have a better chance of meeting the one?  I guess it wouldn’t be called love at first sight per say, but instead: Love at first profile picture.  And how much love can you get from a photo?

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I realized that each time I had this feeling they all had these three things in common. Firstly, I met them in person, secondly I looked at them directly in the eyes.  They say that eyes are the windows to the soul.  I’m very attracted to kind and beautiful eyes. They are my favorite part of the physical body.  Eye contact is very important when falling in love.  It has been proven that it only takes 8 seconds of full eye contact to know if you are attracted to the object of your desire and will pursue them further. Lastly, they all made me chase them a little.  I don’t think it’s just men that hunt.  I disagree with this cliche.

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Love at first sight is a mutual feeling or its not the real thing.  That’s just called infatuation and it wears off after a couple of weeks.  This story is one that will be continued.  All I can say is, for now never give up on love, mostly love at first sight.  It does exist and this is coming from someone who is experiencing it.

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